Aston Series Console

GeoStar geothermal consoles provide the efficiency of geothermal heating and cooling without the need for a duct system or the space required by most units. They provide quiet, cost-effective conditioning and are perfect for areas like workshops, garages and basements where ductwork is unavailable. Attractive, durable cabinets are finished with a textured powder coating and are available in flat-top or sloped-top models. A unit-mounted thermostat provides reliable and simple-to-use comfort adjustments.

Aston Series Console Features


COAXIAL HEAT EXCHANGER: Coaxial exchangers provide the greatest heat transfer, providing higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

AIR COIL: A large face, rifled copper tubes and corrugated lanced aluminum fins are used for maximum efficiencies. An optional FormiShield™ coating is available to protect your unit from any formicary corrosion.

MOTORIZED OUTSIDE AIR DAMPER: Many ductless areas suffer form poor air quality. An optional motorized outside air damper is available.  This addition allows for an introduction of 25% fresh air into the selected space.

CABINET: The Aston Series console is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel giving your unit with the best corrosion resistance possible. All cabinets are finished with a textured epoxy powder coating on both sides for added protection against the elements.

CONTROLS:A Compressor Control Module (CCM) comes standard, however, an optional full-featured microprocessor control with ample unit sensors is also available. Both are available with a wall-mounted thermostat or within the unit. Wall mounted sensors or wall-mounted thermostat options (thermostat/ sensors sold separately) are compatible as well.

ELECTRIC HEAT: Electric resistance emergency heat is provided as a safeguard in the unlikely event of equipment problems.

FAN BLOWER: The console features a high efficiency, dual shaft, 2-speed PSC for efficient and quiet operation.