Aston Series Indoor Split

GeoStar split systems are engineered for installations where space is an issue. Their compact size allows use in places where packaged units would be unable to fit, like attics or crawl spaces. Connect the Aston Series Split to a GeoStar air handler to efficiently heat and cool your entire home, or add the unit to an existing fossil fuel furnace and the system will automatically select the most efficient fuel source for your home regardless of outside temperatures. Like all GeoStar products, the Aston Series is designed to provide versatile heating and cooling with unmatched savings and environmentally friendly

Aston Series Indoor Split Features
Installation Manual

CABINET: The cabinet is covered with a clean, durable powder-coat finish providing long lasting protection. It is also fully insulated providing quiet operation.

HOT WATER ASSIST: An optional hot water generator is available to provide preheated water at amazing efficiencies.

COMPRESSOR: Premium scroll compressors provide exceptional efficiency and reliability. All compressors are mounted on a heavy-duty isolation plate with sound dampening rubber grommets to reduce operation noise.

CONTROLS: A microprocessor sequences equipment for peak efficiency.  The ComfortAlert option adds advanced self-diagnostic features, additional status display features and smart communication between the unit and thermostat.

LED STATUS LIGHTS: Status lights, viewable from the outside, indicate normal operation or display problems that need addressed.

SPLIT CONFIGURATION: Aston Series Split units provide the efficiency of geothermal and the versatility of a split system. When added to an existing fossil fuel system, the geothermal unit provides super-efficient heating and cooling with backup. When combined with our GeoStar air handler, the unit is Energy Star rated and eligible for the 30% tax credit.

FACTORY QUALITY: Our units are upheld to the strictest standards. Only the best components are used and assembled by our skilled technicians. Each unit is computer run-tested to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency.

R-410A: R-410A is an environmentally friendly, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant that enhances efficiency and savings.