Aston Single Hydronic Heat Pump

The Aston Single Hydronic Heat Pump is designed for high-demand hot water applications such as radiant floor heating, pool or spa heating, and snow melting for icy sidewalks. Use the Aston Single Hydronic in conjunction with a GeoStore geothermal storage tank for the greatest savings. Like all GeoStar units, the Aston Single Hydronic is manufactured to provide long-lasting operation and unmatched performance.

Radiant Floor Heating—Water-to-Water units are perfect for radiant floor luxury. Heat is provided by warm water circulating through in-floor tubing. The entire floor acts as a giant radiator, providing consistent comfort throughout the room from head to toe.

Domestic Hot Water— Today’s larger homes come with increased demands for domestic or potable hot water. GeoStar Water-to-Water units were designed to meet that demand with the money savings that only geothermal can provide.

Pool Heating— Use the power of geothermal to heat your pool or spa at a fraction of the cost of ordinary systems.

Snow & Ice Melt— Imagine a winter sidewalk free of snow and ice - without the need to shovel.


GeoStar Water-to-Water units can harness the stored solar energy in the ground to eliminate the hazards of slippery front stoops and icy sidewalks.

GSW Features

CABINET: A durable powder-coat finish and a polymer front fascia provide long lasting beauty and protection. Controls can be located on either the front or back for versatile installation.

HOT WATER GENERATION: In addition to hot water for radiant floors or pool conditioning, larger Water-to-Water units include a desuperheater option to provide supplemental potable
hot water.

COMPRESSOR: High efficiency scroll compressors provide superb efficiency and reliability. Units come with a compressor blanket to ensure quiet operation.

CONTROLS: Sophisticated microprocessor control sequences components to maintain ultimate performance. Onboard diagnostics allow for easy service. Control and troubleshooting functions are displayed on an easy-to-use interface with a highly legible LED readout.

FACTORY QUALITY: Quality checks are performed throughout the assembly process, and computer-run testing is done on every unit, ensuring flawless startup and long-term reliability.

R-410A: GeoStar Water-to-water units use R-410A - an environmentally friendly, non-ozone depleting refrigerant that enhances
efficiency and savings.

ETL LISTED: All GeoStar units are listed with the ETL.