Flow Center

These non-pressurized open loop flow centers circulate the water in the ground loop.

The GT® flow center available from B&D Manufacturing, Inc. (B&D Mfg, Inc.) contains a water vessel with a self-sealing, removable screw-in top, an air-eliminating dip tube on the inlet, a pump protecting check valve on the outlet, pump(s), and ball valves that allow the pump(s) to be removed for service without loss of fluid to the closed loop system. Because the GT® Flow Center is completely packaged at the B&D Mfg, Inc factory, installation is simple.

The system can be mounted on the floor or wall.  Simply connect a return line from the earth system to the GT® Flow

GT Brochure
EA Brochure

Center. Then connect a supply line from the GT® to the heat pump unit.  That’s all there is to adding reliable pump protection to any closed loop system.

For those instances where 2 heat pumps are needed on one loopfield, the EA® Series by B&D Mfg, Inc is the ideal product. It is a special 2 circuit flow center is designed for 6 to 10 ton split coils or total 28 GPM with 2 pumps on each circuit or one common loop field.