GeoStore Geoexchange Storage Tank

The GeoStore tank is designed to capture and store the preheated hot water generated by your geothermal unit. It is engineered specifically for geothermal applications and includes unique features that make installation and operation easy. Large water connections, premium insulation, built-in temperature sensors and chilled water capabilities make this tank the perfect fit for your geothermal system.

GeoStore Deluxe Features

ANODE RODS: GeoStore tanks feature a glass-lined tank with two anode rods.  The anode rod is used to protect the tank.  Instead of corroding the tank, water ions attack and eat away the anode rod. This extends the life of your tank.

HEATING ELEMENT: Sandhog low Watt density 4500-Watt Incoloy Steel Heating Element is designed to last 2 to 3 times longer than standard copper heating elements.

DIFFUSER DIP TUBE: All ‘cold’ connections feature a diffuser dip tube to reduce lime and sediment buildup and maximize equipment efficiency. Made from PEXAN, a cross-linked polymer, these connections can withstand long-term exposure to temperatures up to 400° F.


TEMPERATURE/PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: Factory installed temperature/pressure relief valve. UL 174 Certified for household electric water heaters and factory approved for chilled water storage.

DRAIN VALVES: Brass tamper-resistant drain valve provides durability and longer life than plastic valves. 
Chilled Water Rated : The GeoStore is rated to a chilled water temperature of 40°F.

Application Flexibility

  • A pair of 1” and a pair of 3/4” connections on top of the storage tanks allow for easy installation and trouble-free operation in geothermal hot water assist systems.
  • Large 1-1/2” FPT re-circulating side connections (1-1/2” plugs included in box) are included for hydronic units. The upper element provides easy use of auxiliary/ backup heat. The lower access panel houses a factory-installed thermistor for accurate tank control.1 1